Anna Nicole Smith – complete cesarean video

BirthActivist asked:

If you think a cesarean is “just another way to have a baby”, think again. She’s not unique — women aren’t “allowed” to talk about these birth experiences so we don’t hear about it — they are labeled ungrateful and whiners and mentally ill so they **** it up and pretend its all ok. At least she was honest about what it was like to be gutted. Everyone is thrilled with a healthy baby but that doesn’t change what happened to her or the baby. If you have a cesarean, this could be you, even if you had a “wonderful” experience the last time. This is NOT birth, this is major surgery with inadequate anesthesia. It isn’t beautiful, it is a horror movie. Think about Anna Nicole and her “womb busting” 6# baby when your OB says you have to have surgery or you and your baby will die. *Nobody* deserves to be tortured like that and then have it minimized.

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