Biography: The Life of Anna Nicole Smith: The Early Years

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Anna Nicole Smith was born Vickie Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967, in Huston, Texas. A high school dropout, she grew up in the small town of Mexia where she met her first husband, Billy Wayne Smith. Shop BIO today!

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25 thoughts on “Biography: The Life of Anna Nicole Smith: The Early Years

  1. New Site

    this stupid ***** was a virus to the world, shes an insignificant ***** with no positive impact to this planet. she did NOTHING important and she was all i heard about on the news when she died, meanwhile theirs people getting massacred all over the world. **** her im glad shes dead.
    while im on the subject, fuck? Micheal Jackson

  2. New Site

    No that’s not what i’m saying, i only said that men didn’t have it so much better in those times and that i don’t like how it’s used? in propagandic purposes today.

    Golddiggers are a separate topic.

  3. New Site

    you’re saying that the “oppressed housewives” are golddiggers. It seems to me that you’re? more mad at feminists, than housewives in general though.

  4. Obama

    Well, by the way you keep on going on about how women got it easy during the slavetimes, and that men liked their position better back then, it kind of sounds like you don’t support them.
    And it isn’t propaganda bullshit, most of them anyways. For many years, even in the? Bible, women have been seen as mere tools and servants of men that they can use. That’s why this ‘propaganda bullshit’ you’re calling is making major awareness now, so women don’t have to be seen as that anymore.
    Naive about how

  5. New Site

    Who doesn’t believe in womens rights, what the **** are you talking about? I don’t intend on having any kids but if it ever came up to discussion then yeah, i would teach them that the feminist-idea of the “opressed housewife” is? a load of propaganda bullshit, why wouldn’t i?

    And sure it does influence what you think, what i’m saying is that it doesn’t matter at all to the validity of the points someone makes.

    Naive? About what exactly?

  6. New Site

    Yeah, Anna was a golddigger, but by the way you’re talking about women, it makes me wonder about how you were taught growing up. And are you going to teach your kids the same thing? I sure as hell hope not. A man who doesn’t believe in women’s rights isn’t a man at all.
    Okay, you got me there. But? age sometimes does influence what you think, such as if you’re 11 years old (wouldn’t be surprised) you’re still young and naive, and of course, will think what you will, assuming that you’re right.

  7. I’m Hot

    Both; Anna for her golddigger behaviour, women for not having it so fucking tough as feminists always like to portray.

    “Age has to do? with choses i make”, but what the **** do my choices have to do with the opinions i have (the thing you should be focusing on in a debate)? What does my age/”respectness” have to do with the validity of my opinions themselves?

    You’re bullshitting out of control.

  8. New Site

    Okay, I don’t know if you’re talking about Anna right now, or all women in general when you say that.
    And age is not irrelevant at all. Age has a lot to do with the choses you make, for example, you sir was just dissing women not too long ago, so that makes me come to the conclusion that you’re? either pretty young and naive, or well, just very very disrespectful.

  9. New Site

    I think i’ll respect people who deserve respect, thank you.

    And so fucking what if they bore our children, it’s the only way it could possibly have worked ffs. Like i said: the care that was given to? the children/keeping the home clean was NOT solely for the man, the woman lived there too.

    And it doesn’t matter if she’s going to use them for food, why would that change anything? She was still a disgusting golddigger.

    The question is, why do you try to use “Ad Hominem” at all? Age = irrelevant

  10. New Site

    Always have respect for women, for you came into this world FROM a woman. We might have brought in the dough, but they? were the ones who bore our children, raised them, and have done so much more. We owe them a great deal. And duh, she’s going to use that money for food, clothing for the kids and herself of course! Don’t be so selfish. Ha, if you were raised by my aunt, you’d learn what respect is. Why do I have the strangest feeling that you’re probably younger than 15? Heck, I’d say you’re 12.

  11. New Site

    Actually, many of the men who went off to work (such as merchants and sailors) in the old days were known for getting pleasure from prostitutes? in towns while their wives take care of the kids at home. And by the way, I’m a guy, but even I know that sometimes, we men are awful. I **** to admit it, but what you see most of the time on the news who are committing murder, rape, theft.. is men. Therefor, I believe any fellow male who feels as if we are superior to woman is truly not a man at all.

  12. New Site

    But you don’t get it. Money and attractiveness (I’m not sure, but I’m going to say by this you mean looks) are the same thing. Many, many people want it, kill? for it, lust for it, but in the end, it goes away. So really, he probably didn’t care about her. They both wanted something from the other. And well, they’re both dead and could probably care less about it now, so calm yoh ****.

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