25 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith – stoned out of her mind

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    she was legally responsible for her actions in spite of her borederline p.d. it didnt absolve her from responsibility. her son’s life could have been saved if CPS had interfered.she was aware of her bad behavior, but didnt care beacause she was rich and famous.?

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    Ok, so first you wanna blame her entirely for her issues, but then you say she has a disorder. Doesn’t that make you think that she isn’t entirely to blame? She had a mental disorder that was clinically diagnosed. Shouldn’t that free her of? responsibility, not add to her personal responsibility? Your argument makes absolutely no sense, sorry.

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    ANS had borderline personality disorder, low IQ. she didnt listen to anybody. she exposed her son to drugs, alcohol, deabuchery. birkhead said at daniel’s inquest that she gave her son drugs because she didn’t want him to experiment with? his friends.what kind of a mother whould want to expose her child to reckless behavior?where is personal responsibility?/

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    where is personal responsibility? she was middle aged woman not a teenage girl.? she had adult son, SHE EXPOSED HIM TO ALCOHOL, SEX, DRUGS. she was in rehab many times before she died. read ERIC REDDING’s book about ANS life “Great big beautiful doll.” ANS she was diagnosed with Borederline personality disorder.

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    where is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for own actions? Anna Nicole was 39 not 15 girl? in high school. she ONLY wanted and loved fame and money without hard work, education, talents. she had a pretty face and ENORMOUS desire to be in the center of attention. doctor at the mental hospital diagnosed her with BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. she was in rehab many times before she died in 2007.read her bio by ERIC REDDING “great big beautiful doll.”

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    I think that sounds right. That drug in many forms is the worst enemy ever; I don’t know why? people think it’s okay to take it. An acquaintance used it occasionally for a year and fried 32% of her brain. She cannot take care of her kids and has to be on anti-depressants and ******* watch constantly. -“tarotworldtour”

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    Why should it be someone elses respoonsibility for her to get help and not hers? No one can force you to get better if you don’t want, too. I’m sure no one was forcing her to pop pills or get drunk. It was by her own hand. And because of her selfish, reckless behavior? and immaturity she has orphaned her child. It just goes to show you that all the money and fame in the world can’t buy you an ounce of common sense or control. She had it made and threw it away.

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    It’s? horrifying that someone can exhibit this kind of behavior and nobody around her cares enough to make sure she gets help.

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    She says, “if I ever make an album? …” Ouch! You’d think there’d be a video of her & Whitney Houston singing “I will always love you” on a karaoke while they’re both smashed.

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    It’s NOT the ecstasy’s…? There’s not a brain in there; just some silicone, some scabby chops, some scrapings of her teeth and gums, and here she spits, and there she spues!

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    If she hadn’t been a tall blonde with huge ***** she probably wouldve gotten help and treatment and would still be alive, but since this is america? and she was **** her handlers kept her pumped full of drugs and made sure the dancing bear always performed. This is our society where fame and money are more important than a human life

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    It makes? me want to puke! She is just crying for help! It is obvious she is on benzodiazepines and drunk! It makes me sick!

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    Vickie Lynn Hogan (anna nicole smith)…I knew her…I am from Mexia and I went to school with her… this is extremely sad.. she was a nice girl, very shy and quiet… she was far from being the popular blonde girl.. they used? to make fun of her, she wasn’t my friend, but now i wish she was… she didnt really had friends and it was very well known she came from troubled family.. when i some of her videos i can still see the introverted girl i met… may she rip..

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    what a dumb ***** she deserved to die and it was her own stupid fault for mixing? like 11 drugs how stupid do you have to be to do that

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    You know, I remember watching this and laughing. Now, I feel horrible that I ever laughed at her. She really had some deep seaded problems, from childhood. All she wanted was some attention. Really, she was still a child at? heart – kinda like Michael Jackson was. I **** that I ever felt that way about her. Just the immaturity in me at the time. I’ll never make that mistake again and judge someone just because they’re a celebrity. They’re also human, like everyone else.

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    @HikaruYamamoto… Well she looked high to me OK!! Is there a freakin problem?!! lol 😛 and Idk.. High to me is just HIGH!! U can be high off? of many things… maybe i should have been more specific FOR YOU!! Nope I didn’t call you stupid to distract from anything… what i say is what i mean.. what mean is what i say 😉

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