25 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith interview on Arsenio Hall 1993

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    She was a very young single mother from bloody baptist Texas ! (so the odds were against her ! ) She knew there was little hope for a good future for her kid & herself in that state, at that time. She saw the big picture ! so she used her looks too provide the very best for her son? (& to get her son & herself out of “Texas”) But when her son died ? she saw no point in going on.He was her reason to live the life( & she had enough of the BS! She was a GREAT mother I know she’s with Daniel now

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    Yeah, I went to the show alot in ‘the day’……he was a pretty cool guy at that time,,,but his interview skills WERE kinda? lame…,,,how DID he get that job?????? Anyhow, he’s doing better in acting,,,,
    Wow, interview’s getting lamer,,,,,,HEY, PREPARE BROTHER

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    I suppose. I’ve seen pics of her before any surgery, and she was? still definitely pretty. They say she had “freakishly” flawless skin. She was a very pretty girl.

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    Perhaps not naturally “beautiful”, but if? you don’t have a good ****** template to start with, no amount of plastic surgery will make you look pretty.

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    I luv Anna, but she was far from naturally beautiful. She got really lucky with that **** job tho. She should’ve left them that way instead of going bigger and bigger.? Just goes to show if you’re unhappy with yourself, even surgery won’t make you happy–most of the time.

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