24 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith Funeral

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    She is an icon. She has a place in celebrity history. And no matter what? you think/say…she was still someone’s daughter, mother, idol. May she rest in peace.

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    The Lakeview Cemetery is saying where she is buried is causing unrest for other deceased family.? The Lakeview is a private Bahamian Cemetary. For such a popular woman her request is to be buried in the Bahamas, but why they dont make a museum where they can put her body, so people pay to see her. The security is not letting persons to see Nicole. People around the world want to see her. Think about it she is popular. She can be making money still for her daughter. Like the great Elivis

  3. WAN LAN

    ha my *** lost soul more like a money grappin drugged up ***** and all she was worth like? every other ***** like that all they are good for is fuckin

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    Well if you’re REALLY interested there’s a series of YouTube Videos by Freeman breaking down my little theory. The freaky video of her in an altered personality, the custody? battle over her child, the strange similarities between her death and that of Marylin Monroe, another well known Monarch programmed prisoner, and the oddities surrounded her “accidental” overdose. It’s actually very fascinating. Peace.

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    The world speaks,what it sees.No one is? interested in the truth whatever it might be.May be you are right but what is the proof?

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    Wow, you are really confused. Name me one politician on this planet who doean’t have an Anna or two in his closet/underwear. Anna was a mind controlled? puppet handled by Howard K. Stern, and murdered so her royal offspring could be confiscated. Do a little research before you spew your bullshit.

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    It’s nice to see the respect and love americans? give to a prostitute,drugs addict a thug.Keep it up ,chill!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you anna nicole hater’s , stop being so wicked.get some understanding.whatever she did ,she did it for her survival,and freedom and happiness.just that she didnt find right friends like you and me.and she was brainless, and could be easily intimidated by anyone who tells her that he? would make her famous..guys start looking thru peoples pains.stop lookin AT them. none of you are perfect..so stop judging anna or anyone for that matter.shame on all of you hypocrits.

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    u people r fucked up let the girl rest in peice,who r any of u to say where she is,she had and seen things? u simple minded fucks will never come close to,and u wanna dis a dead women,u bible thumpers who judge everyone r the ones who r really screwed up and will prolly go to hell.

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    Yes I’m a prick, but I meant every word of? what I said, if people do not care for starving children, **** this *****!
    Ugh rich people have everything but they still are so …stupid.

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