Anna Nicole Smith – complete cesarean video

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If you think a cesarean is “just another way to have a baby”, think again. She’s not unique — women aren’t “allowed” to talk about these birth experiences so we don’t hear about it — they are labeled ungrateful and whiners and mentally ill so they **** it up and pretend its all ok. At least she was honest about what it was like to be gutted. Everyone is thrilled with a healthy baby but that doesn’t change what happened to her or the baby. If you have a cesarean, this could be you, even if you had a “wonderful” experience the last time. This is NOT birth, this is major surgery with inadequate anesthesia. It isn’t beautiful, it is a horror movie. Think about Anna Nicole and her “womb busting” 6# baby when your OB says you have to have surgery or you and your baby will die. *Nobody* deserves to be tortured like that and then have it minimized.

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  1. New Site

    Anna Nicole was a drug addict and alcoholic who exposed her son to drugs, alcohol, debauchery. Daniel was in hospital in June 2006 after he tried to kill himself.She wanted to have another child? though she knew she was sick woman on heavy medication. What kind of a woman whould want to do that? Did she think about birth defects? She only wanted another baby in order to put her on reality show and make money off of baby. People know what kind of a **** trash she was.

  2. New Site

    vickie lynn was the ? dirtiest ***** in USA who wanted to steal the money from Marshall family. she wanted to hire mark hatten to KILL Pierce Marshall, sole heir to Marshall fortune. she was the SATAN who only loved money. she and her son died because they were dirty junkies. they squndered $7M on drugs, alcohol that old Howard Marshall gave them.

  3. New Site

    Oh and one last thing, and one of you is Nurse!! God you’re in? the wrong vocation. You just burst the illusion of the caring profession!!

  4. New Site

    except now it’s done through the internet. God help our? future generation if you are their parents!!

  5. arm tattos

    And PS, I’m not a fan, just think the one trait I **** in humans is the? way we judge others, especially when we don’t know a damn thing about them or their lives other than what we read in Tabloids. And we all know how truthful they are. This is what has caused millions upon millions of people to lose their lives throughout history. Hatred & disgust for people, and the way they live their lives. This is just how ****** started. A group of men sat around a table, discussing .

  6. New Site

    Look at you all, criticizing a woman that has died. Do any of you drink, smoke, eat fatty foods??? I bet you do.. Ok not quiet the same as drugs, but you know what, when you’re all going on about she was a drug addict and killed herself. We ALL do things that kill ourselves, smoking is just one of them, and it’s a drug!! Have some respect, for the grace of god that could be you! There’s also a little girl out there without? a mum. East to criticise someone else’s life, is yours that pure??

  7. New Site

    Isn’t it a shame that the baby’s REAL dad Larry Birkhead missed his daughter’s? birth?! He should have been there, not Howard!

  8. New Site

    anna how do you get your teeth? so white?
    all that drugs you did in the past just killed the Local anesthesia

  9. annonymous

    OMG.. I just heard what she said this time around because I usually stop the TONE because I think she is friggin missbehaving as hell…”oh no the doctors thought the baby would bust my womb”..JESUS.. I am a M.S.R.N…I have never seen or heard of a busted womb, they gave her a C-Section because noone could have taken that? bitching and moaning if they would have allowed for a regular birth…”The devil was …blabla..tug-a-war”.. it was the DRUGS she consumes all her life

  10. New Site

    sorry I ran out of space in Answer before…she had the money and the people by her side, that she could have undergone a program to get rid of the drugs, she should have been in continous psychotherapy, and she had the time and money to work on becoming somewhat smarter, I bet my ass, that she did not even hold a highschooldiploma… I really have no sympathy for people who dig their own grave, their is to much more important misery in the world that deserves? more attention

  11. New Site

    forgot one little? thing HONEY…which is PEOPLE like justyouraverage1, and other women like myself who gave birth, without any DRUGS, and sure as hell more composed and focused on my baby the babys health and the joy it will bring, this woman was always DECOMPOSED throughout her life, she is dumb, uneducated, a drugaddict who got herself a name by marrying that stone-old rich, ****** in diapers OLD MAN, and her public DRUG Appearances..I do not feel SORRY for all

  12. New Site

    I totally agree, I mean common when that custody fight was all over the TV, they showed scenes in the court hearings, showing her, pregnant as hell, but drugged out of her mind, blalbaing stupid crap, why a judge almost cried, I do not know, I am not rich, I had a hard life, but I am proud that everything I achieved, I achieved because? of intelligence and hard work, all she did was marry very old, rich farts, and using her NAME..she is/WAS stupid as hell

  13. New Site

    Excuse the heck out of me, me like many others have given birth, what Anna-Nicole does there, is completely stupid, if any woman? having a baby, having a c-section would act this DUMBBEFONDLED there would be no more doctors, I am sorry that Anna-Nicole is gone, but I remain in my opinion that she was a drama queen, ***** head, totally DUMB, made nothing of all the chances she had, her daughter is being raised much better by the father, and will hopefully do better in life

  14. blog ideas

    thanks for your comment, actually I think? whereever you look most developed countries also Germany and Western Europe in General, people are working extremly hard, nevertheless it is all over the news, that even the USA are close to BROKE…I mean how can Minnesota be BROKE,…how can they stop paying social aid and so on…to needy people, what is the goverment doing there, cause whatever they are doing you may never forget, they are doing this to the children as well

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