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    Vickie Lynn Hogan (anna nicole smith)…I knew her…I am from Mexia and I went to school with her… this is extremely sad.. she was a nice girl, very shy and quiet… she was far from being the? popular blonde girl.. they used to make fun of her, she wasn’t my friend, but now i wish she was… she didnt really had friends and it was very well known she came from troubled family.. when i some of her videos i can still see the introverted girl i met… may she rip..

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    i just saw the movie of anna and it was so sad, i couldnt stop crying! very sad story, and nobody killed her…it was the pain of her dead son? that brought her to her end! but she had a great heart.

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    @braveworld2008 OMG are you ever dull. Are you unaware that there is something inbetween hating and glorifying? someone, or is your vocab just too small to express it? If you or anyone else refuses to admit that she was a very beautiful woman, then it’s obviously a jealousy issue. And as far as her substance abuse goes… I know. I have seen enough videos of her being slammed and those videos make it so easy to tell that in another video she is not slammed but manipulated.

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    she was a mental wreck as a kid…she used her beauty to marry some old geezer for his money, what was the guy 95…she had plastic surgery, even though she didn’t need it..Ala micheal jackson..so if her boyfriend stern? used her, she used people as well…her life was a superficial showcase…the only shame is all the girls that inspire to be like her

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    Without the truth, there can be no real morality, justice, equality, success, freedom, love, security, peace, spirituality or even survival. If you are seeking the? truth, search? “Truth Contest” in Google, then open The Present on the homepage and read what it says.

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    Sending me another comment with your “oh so intelligent insults” is a GREAT way of ignoring me. I? mean really. It totally proves how much you are ignoring me. Fucking moron dipshit.

    You have no man. Stop lying. You’re an Anna Nicole/lame fatass wannabe, surfing the E channel and stupid tabloids in a desperate attempt at giving that pathetic garbage trailer park lifestyle you live a meaning and a purpose. You’d be better off drinking some Bleach and puking up your 90th big mac.

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    I like this tread, even though I just decided to ignore the most desperate thing on here. It just doesn’t stop being both sad AND funny to see how many people break out in frustrated fits of agression because they think they can hide their 0% of self-worth by pretending to **** people, especially? famous ones, when in fact they are totally jealous of/infatuated with them.

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    PS: You are still gonna be ignored,because I don’t see why I should be the target of your frustrated agrssseions. But you can? always note me&apologize. Then you can ask nice & I’ll send you some photos so you don’t have to use the same magazine again and again &I’ll also give you a few tips on how to make friends and that. Oh and I’l tel you how to smoke weed. The 420 kinda gave away that you wanna be badass really bad. LOL. Greets from my man &now you ARE ignored. HAVE FUN! -fen

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    I’m gonna do something really mean to you now,seeing that you made it obvious that you’re getting totally worked up&desperate by this – I’m gonna ignore you!That’s a nice punishment for someone like you that doesn’t get to speak to anybody offline.I’m not the only one here that can just see how in real life you start stuttering everytime you try to make a friend,LOL.Hope you meet someone like me one day ’cause I stick up? for people like you when they are being made fun of. Ciao!

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