25 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith As Hot Executive

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    Vickie Lynn Hogan (anna nicole smith)…I knew her…I am from Mexia and I went to school? with her… this is extremely sad.. she was a nice girl, very shy and quiet… she was far from being the popular blonde girl.. they used to make fun of her, she wasn’t my friend, but now i wish she was… she didnt really had friends and it was very well known she came from troubled family.. when i some of her videos i can still see the introverted girl i met… may she rip..

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    Why do all the beautiful women of the world? come from messed up families? It drives me nuts! Ms. Smith is **** in this, by the way.

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    the whole point? is you don’t know the TRUTH. Ive been in situations where somthing does look like somthing 100% but turned out to be proven exactly wrong..but you would have thought otherwise! Regardless we don’t know this woman personally. We don’t exactly know her motives. So to say we should love or **** her is wrong of you. People will make up their own minds. Don’t preach to us please!!

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    you know what..maybe your right…actually..your probably right..but how to you know that EXACTLY? Im not gonna **** the women for somthing im not sure about/ or somthing some people say to win/get money off of. Yea she could of married the 90 old man for money..or she could of of actually been crazy enough to love? him. Yea she could have made a murder plot..but then again someone could just say that to benefit themselves. She could of gave her son drugs..or he could have got them on his own!

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    She’s a kinda modern day Marilyn Monroe. Beautiful and? talented. Definitely one of my role models but would learn from her mistakes!!!!

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    I would have? loved to **** that ***** and she would have loved it,if she fucked with an ancient piece of **** why not me?

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