11 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith [1] Biography

  1. loans 4 u

    poor Anna. she had to be eye candy for an old pervy man. she deserves some? of that money. not half but atleast some few millions. they were married after all.

  2. New Site

    stroke of? bad luck both his mistresss and wife died yeah right..i say proffesional hitman, a hitman that oj should have hired lol

  3. New Site

    of course she never loved this old and quite an ugly man in romantic way NO WAY, maybe she loved her husband as a SUGAR DADDY NOTHING ELSE!!And of course she loved his money and fortunate! but I don’t beleve she deserve half of his money no way!!I had read a long time ago that when they started live together she wasn’t home , leaving her husband behind and didn’t look after him at all! and didn’t care about this old man. To me she is just untalented **** and ***** who just wanted his money!!?

  4. New Site

    Very nice but why black and white this beauty of? a wonderfull queen Anna Nicole smith the angle Anna on black and white picture it was better colored. Rest in Peace Anna

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